Discover The Strategies That 500,000 Students in Asia Have Used to Transform Their Learning & Achieve A’s in School & Life

Dear Parents, if you are frustrated by your child’s negative mindset, and lack of motivation, this means that you have faith in their ability and see their potential when they can’t see it themselves. This is very common. Kids with their limited experience, tend to view everyday challenges as hurdles that they can’t cross. If they fail one test, they might think they “suck” at the subject. Coupled with stress from teachers and parents, some develop limiting mindsets, and always think “I can’t” even before taking a shot. Here’s what we have dealt with in the past 16 years: Negative/limiting mindset, lack of focus & motivation, “laziness”,  poor memory, distractions & addiction to gadgets, rebelliousness & communication breakdown etc.

Join us to find out how we combat all these challenges, and help our children become positive, self-motivated achievers who is able to utilize Accelerated Learning Strategies to score A’s easily and achieve greatness in all areas of their lives.

Attend a 3-hr Free Workshop to Find Out How We Successfully Transform and Empower Youths For Success For The Past 16 Years With The Following Skills

Achieve A’s With Easier, Faster Learning

iag-listCut Study Hours by 80% & Still Achieve the A’s in School with THIS Simple Strategy

iag-listVisually Memorise ANY 30 Phrases in Just 3 Minutes & NEVER Forget

iag-listFocused Attention On Studies

iag-listCondense Entire Chapter Into ONE A4 Sheet

iag-listCondition to Brain to Stay FOCUSED

iag-listRead up to 4 times as many words per minute with 85-100%   comprehension level

iag-list10-Step Success Formula to Tackle Exams

“I used to give up easily and hence my grades had always been average. I Am Gifted!™ helped me understand that there are no such things as failures in life but only learning experiences. This concept stuck in my head and I followed it even after all these years.

Thanks to the trainers, they showed me the 10-step effective study formula and as a result I scored 10 A*s for my final exams. More importantly, I understood the importance of “Who I Am Makes a Difference”, inspiring me to take small steps to achieve success in my life!” – Keven Cheng, I Am Gifted! Graduate

Personal Excellence

iag-listHave a BIG DREAM and Stop at NOTHING to Achieve It

iag-listBe Able to Speak In Front of a Hundred People Confidently

iag-listStop Saying “I Can’t do it” or “I Don’t Know” & Instead Say “I MUST Do It!”

iag-listHave The WINNERS’ Mindset

iag-listHave a CLEAR Picture of Their Future & PLAN Steps to Get There

iag-listBe Super Self-Motivated Towards Success

“Before I Am Gifted!™, I was unmotivated and never set specific goals in my life. I found studying boring and always scored D’s for Maths.

After attending the school holiday programme, I transformed my mindset and found it easier to achieve better grades in my exams. I started to score A’s consistently for Maths. I also found myself arguing less with my parents.” – Ken Lee, I Am Gifted! Graduate

Stronger, Better Relationships

iag-listNew Level of Maturity: Able to See Things From Your Perspective

iag-listAppreciate You & Say Their Heartfelt WordsTo You

iag-listDevelop Empathy and Compassion & Be Able To Respect and Care for Others

iag-listBuild Strong & Lasting Friendships With Other Kids

iag-listSense of Belonging & Support In I Am Gifted! Family

iag-listYou’ll Learn: Simple Language Tricks to Win Your Child Over & Make Them See You As Their Best Buddies Without Them Knowing It

“Giving me the opportunity to attend I Am Gifted! was one of the best decisions my parents have made for me. Before the programme, I was a lazy, impatient, unsociable and irresponsible person who always argues with my parents. The programme not only helped in my academics, but empowered me to be more confident, positive and focused on my goals. I appreciate how much my parents love me now and understand that without them, I wouldn’t be where I am. – Amanda Cheam, I Am Gifted! Graduate

16 Years Of Transforming Lives

The I Am Gifted! programme was created by Asia’s No. 1 Success Coach Adam Khoo 16 years ago to help children and teenagers unleash their greatest potential. The skills taught in the programme was what transformed Adam from an underachieving kid to the top 1% in NUS. Over the next decade, I Am Gifted! went on to empower the lives of more than 500,000 students across 8 countries/regions over the last decade. Adam and the I Am Gifted! programme has been featured in various print, television and digital medias over the years

I Am Gifted! Training Faculty

The I Am Gifted! training faculty is made up of a team of dedicated, passionate trainers who have all spent the last decade going to different schools island wide almost every day, flying to different countries every school holiday, and relentlessly upgrading their skills and knowledge all because their mission is to bring your child the best. All trainers in Adam Khoo Learning Technology Group are personally coached by Adam Khoo, and have a proven track record of training youth, parents and even teachers. Come meet them at our introductory workshop to understand more about their unique methodology in making a difference in lives of youth from different age group and backgrounds

Here’s What Blogger Cheekiemonkie thinks!


“ The workshop turned out to be such great fun that all the kids (and adults too!) were left roaring with laughter and eager to learn more. Especially since Aman did not let us go home empty-handed. He shared with us how to REMEMBER and RETAIN MEMORY much more effectively and my kids are able to use it for their benefit when it comes to school work now.

When I asked them my sons if they felt the 3-hour workshop was good, they unanimously gave it the thumbs up.”

Kelvin Ang, Cheekiemonkie, 2016

Workshop Details

Workshop is suitable for child 9 - 19 years old. Parents are required to attend.

Next available workshop:

Date: 23 March 2019 (Saturday) or 24 March 2019 (Sunday)
Time: 3pm - 6pm
Venue: 51 Cuppage Road #06-16 Singapore 229469



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