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I Am Gifted! Student Reviews

Over a Decade of Life-Transforming Results and Success Stories

The best way to know if a programme is effective is by hearing directly from the participants themselves.

By actively applying the skills learnt at I Am Gifted!™, our graduates have gone on to overcome challenges and achieve exceptional results in their lives.

Years after attending our school holiday programmes, our graduates continue to use our strategies to help them achieve their academic and career goals.

We are proud to share these honest reviews and success stories from our graduates and their parents, citing marked improvements such as:

  • Greater Focus and Self-Confidence
  • Self-Motivation and Goal-Orientedness
  • Sustainable Learning and Excellent Grades
  • Greater Maturity and Responsibility
  • Stronger Relationships with Family
  • Higher Emotional Intelligence
  • Increased Awareness of Life and Family Values
  • … and much more!
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