I Am Gifted!™ School Holiday Programme 2020

Junior (9 to 12 year olds) & Senior (13 to 19 year olds)

Started in 2003, the I Am Gifted!™ Junior & Senior programme has grown to be Asia’s leading holistic education programme for kids and teens. With headquarters in Singapore, the programme has since transformed lives of more than 800,000 students across countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, India, and the Philippines.

The I Am Gifted!™ school holiday programme, conducted during their June and December school holidays, is designed to nurture well-rounded development of your child, preparing them for life in a competitive and fast-changing society.

Through our holistic learning framework, your child will master 3 Success Skill Sets – Learning Mastery, Personal Mastery & Communication Mastery, that will help them unlock their greatest potential and give them focus, confidence and motivation to become leaders of the future.

I Am Gifted! takes on a holistic approach, taking your child through a series of dynamic talks, hands-on activities and experiential challenges. Your kids and teens will begin to discover more about themselves, realise their untapped potential and more importantly, find the answers to many of their WHYs in life (“Why do we need school?” “Why must we study hard and get good grades?” “Why does mom and dad nag at us so much?” and more).

Backed by scientific brain-based research, I Am Gifted! is Asia’s first and only school holiday programme for youth with a Global Advisory Council.

What your child will learn:

holiday activities for kids

1. How to score more
while studying less.

(Learning Mastery)

Using our accelerated learning strategies and learning profiling tools, your child will discover the secrets behind top students and how to reduce their studying time yet still scoring the ‘A’s they desire. Learning strategies include Information Organization Skills, Effective Note Making Skills, Speed Reading Techniques, Super Memory Techniques and more!

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2. What it means to dream big, believe in themselves and start achieving.

(Personal Mastery)

It all begins from our beliefs. Our beliefs affects our potential, shapes our actions and eventually, determines the results that we get. Your child will be exposed to the Principles of Success and learn the Ultimate Success Formula to turn their dreams into reality.

holiday courses for kids

3. How to set SMART goals and take action every day.

(Personal Mastery)

Be amazed by how driven and self-directed your child can be in their work when they learn how to set inspiring goals for their school, career and life! Using the goal setting strategies and time managements skills, your child can begin to move towards their goals, one milestone at a time.

school holiday camp

4. The meaning of appreciation, gratitude and respect to our love ones.

(Communication Mastery)

Through the sharing of stories and reflection, your child will be encouraged to go on discovery and reflective sessions to gain a deeper understanding of your love for them. Your child will also learn to show respect and appreciation, and develop the emotional maturity to build loving relationships with all their family members.  

Looking for ways to have fun while learning during the Singapore school holidays?

Come join us at our FREE introductory workshop to find out more!

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Who should attend:

  • Students preparing for streaming or a major examination, PSLE or GCE ‘O’ levels / ‘N’ levels, and want to be in their peak state to maximise learning.
  • Kids and teens who find learning to be boring, tough or stressful, and is eager to find a learning style that better suit their natural talents.
  • Students who want to do even better in school and are looking for ways to make learning easier, faster and more fun for them during the school holidays.
  • Students who need to curb procrastination and unproductive habits to become more focused, self-driven and disciplined in their school work.
  • Kids and teens who lack the motivation, purpose and direction to set goals for their school, career and life.
  • Shy, timid or soft-spoken children who want to gain self-confidence and overcome their fears.
  • Students are looking for school holiday activities to learn new things, make new friends and break out of their comfort zone.
  • Kids and teens who want to learn social skills to build stronger relationships with their family and friends.
june school holiday programme
december school holiday programme

What is included in the programme package:

  1. 5-days Life Transformational I Am Gifted!™ Programme
  2. Graduation Ceremony for child and family
  3. Graduation T-shirt for child
  4. Programme materials: Manuals, Color Pens, Learning Pad
  5. Pre-attendance Package for parents to complete prior to the programme
  6. Post-attendance Graduation Kit for parents to follow up and start supporting your child at home
  7. Meals: Lunch, Dinner & biscuit breaks
  8. Graduate Support System
    a. Online support from inhouse trainer
    b. Invitation to I Am Gifted!™ Programme coaching and work attachment training
    c. Annual programme re-attendance for the same category (additional fees apply)
    d. Invitation to additional life skills workshops (additional fees apply)
    e. 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with senior coaches (additional fees apply)

I Am Gifted!™ Student Reviews

Over a Decade of Life-Transforming Results and Success Stories

school holiday programme review
school holiday program review

I Am Gifted!™ School Holiday Programme 2020


9 to 12 years old

8th to 12th June 2020

Monday to Friday


13 to 19 years old

13th to 17th June 2020

Saturday to Wednesday


9 to 19 years old

16th to 20th March 2020

Monday to Friday

Looking for ways to have fun while learning during the Singapore school holidays?

Come join us at our FREE introductory workshop to find out more!

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