The #1 Lesson On Procrastination Every Child Learns Too Late

The #1 Lesson On Procrastination Every Child Learns Too Late



In a previous article, 3 Stages Of Procrastination Our Kids & Teens Go Through, we recognize that procrastination is something everyone is guilty of doing at some point in time. (If you haven’t read the previous article, consider visiting that post before carrying on).


How do I defeat procrastination?



If you are asking that question right from the start, I am sorry, you are already at the wrong starting point. 


You are not alone, I used to ask myself the same exact question too. After learning the numerous studying techniques from the I Am Gifted! school holiday programme, I knew I had the strategies I need to study effectively. And that was when I found a new challenge – I was constantly distracted. 


If I didn’t have a phone, I would be procrastinating by playing with my pens & pencils. While others could sit still for 50 minutes & focus on their work, I couldn’t even sit still for 5 minutes! It was clear that the only obstacle preventing me from academic success was procrastination. Desperate to defeat procrastination, I attempted to cut the music when I was studying, attempted locking myself up in a room, attempted studying in a library, but nothing worked. 


Not until I chanced upon a book. “How To Become A Straight A Student” by Cal Newport. 


I figured  why I couldn’t defeat procrastination. 


The reason why we can’t defeat procrastination is simply because we can’t! Studies conducted on top students in Singapore revealed that procrastination is always present, but their focus was never to defeat it. They merely sidestep it. 


When everyone around our children, including their teachers and us, was telling them not to procrastinate, it kept their minds fixated on the one word they were attempted to avoid the whole time, ‘Procrastination’. 


The #1 lesson that our children need to learn earlier is to remove the focus away from procrastination! Make a conscious effort to sidestep it and focus on being productive instead. 


The right question is “how do I become productive?”



When we focus on being productive, we can start discovering the strategies and techniques that will help keep us focus. This simple shift of mindset helped me climb from being the bottom 20% to the top 10% in school in less than 6 months! 



If your child is still focusing on preventing procrastination, it’s time to shift the focus on how they can be productive instead! I am running a workshop for kids and teens age 9 to 19, called ‘Planning to Productivity’. Come learn the various techniques I used to help me achieve academic success and how millionaires and top students us productivity strategies to get more work done in the same amount of time. 



You can find more information when you download the registration form here:



Article by:

Darius Tan, Productivity Coach
Trainer of the Planning to Productivity Workshop




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