3 Super Memory Techniques to Teach Your Children

3 Super Memory Techniques to Teach Your Children

Using these techniques, your children can easily remember what they studied.

Here, we share with you memory tricks to help your children remember content with ease and cut down their revision time!

#1 The Link System a.k.a Crazy Story

The Link System is used to remember a list of words.It is especially useful for studying subjects with a lot of hard facts,like physics, history, literature and geography. There are two steps, visualisation and association.

A simple example: remembering a shopping list.

  • Egg
  • Beef
  • Fork & spoon
  • Bikini
  • Perfume
  • Banana

Using the Link System, visualise yourself holding a smooth, hot egg as you leave your house. As you feel the smoothness, you make a hole in the shell. Out of this hole pops a cow’s head (reminds you of beef)with two horns. One horn is shaped like a spoon and the other, a fork. The fork jabs a girl who is wearing a polka-dotted bikini, and she reeks of sweet-smelling perfume. The pain makes her drop the yellow banana she was holding.



#2 Similar Sound Technique

It may be difficult to visualise a scientific word like“chlorine”, but we can replace it with the word “crawling” which sounds similar.

With that, we can form a mental picture of a person crawling on the floor.

#3 Trigger Technique

This means to use the first image that pops into your mind when you think of an abstract word.

For example, what comes to your mind when you think of the word “politics”? You may think of “President Obama” or “parliament”. What about “oxygenated blood”? You may imagine each small red blood cell wearing an oxygen mask.

Isn’t it easy to remember now?

The techniques mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg. Your children will learn more advanced memory techniques and study strategies such as note-making, identifying keywords, speed reading at the I Am Gifted!™ workshop.



Here’s what else you’ll learn

  • How to retain memory easily for facts & figures
  • How to read passages faster with 85% to 100% comprehension level
  • How to extract the top 20% keywords in the textbook, saving time and   focusing on only the important points
  • How to set clear and measurable goals to drive towards achieving   goals
  • How to manage emotions and bring out the right ‘mood’ to focus during   study time
  • How to think critically and apply theories in different context instead of   regurgitating the textbook

And that’s not all! Come along with your child and find out:

  • How actions affect thinking and vice-versa, influencing the confidence   level in everyone
  • How positive attitude can help strengthen a winner’s mindset to turn   setbacks into fruitful learning experiences
  • How you can understand what your child is thinking and thus effectively   communicate and motivate them
  • How you can make use of highly effective strategies to discipline and   yet guide your child in a nurturing way

Attend a free 3-hour workshop to find out more! Register here!

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Hear it from blogger Cheekiemonkie (Kelvin Ang) who attended the workshop earlier this year:

“ The workshop turned out to be such great fun that all the kids (and adults too!) were left roaring with laughter and eager to learn more. Especially since Aman did not let us go home empty-handed. He shared with us how to REMEMBER and RETAIN MEMORY much more effectively and my kids are able to use it for their benefit when it comes to school work now.

When I asked them my sons if they felt the 3-hour workshop was good, they unanimously gave it the thumbs up.”

Kelvin Ang, Cheekiemonkie, 2016



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