Discover The Strategies That 800,000 Students in Asia Have Used to Transform Their Learning & Achieve A’s in School & Life

Dear Parents, have you seen your child stress out looking for tips for last minute revisions when exams are near?  We understand your constant worries for your child’s preparation for his or her next step in school life, be it getting ready for PSLE or O level exams, or simply transitioning to a new academic year in school.

From our 16 years of experience coaching over 800,000 students, we know your heart-pains:

You want your child to be disciplined and self-motivated and keep to his or her timetable that was planned out. You want your child to buck up, stop procrastinating and complete whatever they started. You want your child to be fully focused and manage between play and studies – to understand that distractions like their gadgets and devices are poor excuses for not giving it their all. You want your child to be able to communicate with you, with respect and empathy.

The list is endless as we are never going to stop worrying about our children because we love and care for them. We also want them to have the best in life and enjoy the fruits of their labour one day.  

This school holidays, take that chance to make a difference in your child’s life! Join us to find out how you and your child can combat all these challenges together, and help them become self-motivated achievers of their individual learning journey.

Attend a fun and educational FREE 3-hour workshop with your child and discover powerful strategies to excel in school and life!

Workshop is suitable for child 9 – 19 years old.
Parents are required to attend.


  22 Sep (Sat) or 23 Sep (Sun)

  3pm – 6pm

Location  TRN Centre, 10 Anson Road #19-14
       International Plaza Singapore 079903



Unlock your child’s greatest potential and give them the focus, confidence and motivation to become leaders of the future.

Achieve A’s With
Easier, Faster

Personal Excellence

Stronger, Better Relationships


Dr Barbara Oakley

Lead Instructor of the MOOC Learning How to Learn and Professor of Engineering at Oakland University, and a New York Times best-selling author

Dr Terrence J Sejnowksi

Professor and Head of Computational Neurobiology Laboratory

Adam Khoo

Founder and Chief Master Trainer of the I Am Gifted! Programme, Asia’s top success coach and best-selling author for numerous titles including “I Am Gifted!, So Are You!”

I Am Gifted!™ is the only youth education programme endorsed by world-renowned learning experts Dr. Barbara Oakley, Ph.D. and Dr. Terrence J. Sejnowski, Ph.D.

✓ Neuroscience

✓ Educational Psychology

✓ Neuro-Linguistic Programming

✓ Brain-Based Teaching

✓ Multiple intelligence

✓ Psychometric Instruments & Assessments

16 Years Of
Transforming Lives

The I Am Gifted! programme was created by Asia’s No. 1 Success Coach Adam Khoo many years ago to help children and teenagers unleash their greatest potential. The skills taught in the programme was what transformed Adam from an underachieving student to being the top 1% in NUS. Over the next decade, I Am Gifted! went on to empower the lives of more than 800,000 students across 8 countries and regions. Adam and the I Am Gifted! programme has been featured in various print, television and digital media over the years.

Achieve A’s With
Easier, Faster

    Cut Study Hours by 80% & Still Achieve the A’s in School with THIS Simple Strategy
    Visually Memorise ANY 30 Phrases in Just 3 Minutes & NEVER Forget
✓    Focused Attention On Studies
    Condense Entire Chapter Into ONE A4 Sheet
    Condition of Brain to Stay FOCUSED
    Read up to 4 times as many words per minute with 85-100% comprehension level
✓    10-Step Success Formula to Tackle Exams


    Have a BIG DREAM and Stop at NOTHING to Achieve It
✓    Be Able to Speak In Front of a Hundred People Confidently
✓    Stop Saying “I Can’t do it” or “I Don’t Know” & Instead Say “I MUST Do It!”
    Have The WINNERS’ Mindset
    Have a CLEAR Picture of Their Future & PLAN Steps to Get There
✓    Be Super Self-Motivated Towards Success

Stronger, Better

    New Level of Maturity: Able to See Things From Your Perspective
✓    Appreciate You & Say Their Heartfelt WordsTo You
✓    Develop Empathy and Compassion & Be Able To Respect and Care for Others
✓    Build Strong & Lasting Friendships With Other Kids
✓    Sense of Belonging & Support In I Am Gifted! Family
✓    You’ll Learn: Simple Language Tricks to Win Your Child Over & Make Them See You As Their Best Buddies Without Them Knowing It

I Am Gifted!™ Training Faculty

The I Am Gifted! training faculty is made up of a team of dedicated, passionate trainers who have all spent the last decade going to different schools islandwide almost every day, flying to different countries every school holiday, and relentlessly upgrading their skills and knowledge all because their mission is to bring your child the best. All trainers in Adam Khoo Learning Technology Group are personally coached by Adam Khoo and have a proven track record of training youth, parents and even teachers. Come to meet them at our introductory workshop to understand more about their unique methodology in making a difference in the lives of youths from different age group and backgrounds.

Senior Trainer

Senior Trainer

Lead Trainer

Senior Trainer



Here’s What Parents of I Am Gifted! Graduates Say!

“My child struggled on keeping up on the day to day school homework. The only time when we knew a crisis was happening was after his quarterly exams. To quote his teacher, “He is safe if the result is satisfactory, and he will be in big trouble if he fails”. Through the I Am Gifted! programme, we learnt that there is no failure but learning experience; past does not equal to future. These values taught in the program has greatly changed my child’s learning experience and the ability to succeed. He has become more resilient and enjoys his learning journey in school, sports and life better. After coaching sessions with coach Yongsheng, my child started believing more in himself. Now it is easier as a parent to use the essence of the I Am Gifted! training and remind him of the way he learns and enjoys learning as part of his lift.”

– Tan Hiangwei, father of Tan Jun Cheng

“Dear Adam, I would like to thank you for the I Am Gifted! Programme. Today, my son has gotten his O Level results and he got all A’s. He was not a student who diligently studied and he played online games almost every day. Thus, he would have picked some of the study skills and techniques that help him revise his work effectively. I have heartfelt gratitude for you and your team of trainers from I Am Gifted! Thank you very much. “

– Shawn Soo, father of Johan Soo.

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