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I Am Gifted!TM Foundation Programme Overview ( 6 -8 years old)

I Am Gifted! Foundation for 6 – 8 years old is about starting your child’s growing up years right. Imagine it as planting a seed in their tiny minds, cultivating the right mindsets, values and character traits that will empower them to grow up happy, holistically and into great leaders. Through the three-day programme, we build their character through 5 Secret Powers – Responsibility, Confidence, Knowledge, Expression and Appreciation. By taking them out of their comfortable environment and placing them in a new environment that fosters and challenges them, children will begin to experience shifts in their mental models of the world, their mindsets and attitudes. The programme will consist of various hands-on activities, games, dramatisation and meaningful play. Your child will also get their first experience of being a leader!

Children 6 – 8 years old who experience the following

  • Difficulty making friends in school due to being shy
  • Low confidence, timid
  • Not so good performance in school
  • Finds learning difficult or boring
  • Lack of discipline or responsibility
  • Poor relationship with siblings, parents or friends
  • Not good at expressing himself
  • Short attention span or unable to focus on learning

Here’s how your child will benefit

  • Be able to communicate and bond with peers and family
  • Learn to show respect and appreciation to others
  • Identify the ‘heroes’ in their lives & learn to be thankful
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence
  • Learn to take initiative and responsibility for own actions
  • Be able to make use of super memory techniques for easy remembering

Here’s some of the skills that your child will learn

  • 5 Super Powers of Leaders
  • Expressive Reading
  • Recognizing emotions & facial expressions
  • How to speak clearly and projection
  • How to show appreciation & love
  • Simple memory techniques for school

The programme engages your child’s active young mind with hands on activities such as the Lasy Building Blocks. Early childhood experts have proven that through block play, children develop their imagination, problem solving skills, spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, and many other cognitive skills. Using lasy blocks in activities also encourages social interaction, which trains children’s language ability, self-expression and social skills. I am gifted! Foundation also effectively incorporates lasy block play to demonstrate visual memory techniques.

The programme is also centered around the 5 Super Powers Of Leaders, which is adapted from the book, 7 Habits Of Happy Kids by Sean Covey, which is utilised by The Leader In Me school transformation project, that was adopted by over 3000 schools in 50 countries to empower children with principles of personal and interpersonal effectiveness, such as responsibility, integrity, communication & leadership.

I Am Gifted! Foundation Brochure

I Am Gifted! Foundation

Seeding A Leader In Your 6-8 Year Old Child Today!

Nurture Responsibility, Confidence, Love For Learning, Expression & Appreciation In Your Child

28 – 30 November 2019 (Thurs – Sat)

Join us to Nurture The Love of Learning In Your Child!

2-Hour Introductory Workshop for the I Am Gifted!™ Foundation Programme

Come join us and discover how simple strategies help your child to excel in primary school!