I Am Gifted!TM Advance Programme Overview( 13-19 years old)

In the 21st Century, paper qualifications may not be even enough to get a person a good job, internship or scholarship. What matters more is the competencies and character qualities that a candidate has. I Am Gifted! Advance school holiday programme for age 13-19 will equip your child with the 21st-century career skill sets that will differentiate them from the rest. This includes problem solving, communication and presentation skills that a student MUST possess just to set foot into the interview room. Beyond that, your child will be highly sought after by employers for their leadership and charismatic flair.

Secondary School Students

who want to build up an impressive portfolio to have an edge during DSA or getting into a JC or Polytechnic of their choice

Pre-U Students

who want to increase their chances of getting into any universities and courses they aim for

Graduates/Undergraduates/Diploma Holders

who want to master their career skills and create a professional image to get their dream job

All Youths Between 13 – 19

who want to better prepare themselves for the future, and want to have the right strategies and skills to achieve their dreams

After the 3-day programme, your teenage child will be able to…

  • Identify Their X-Factor
  • Impress Interviewers and Get Their Dream Job
  • Discover Their Leadership Style
  • Build Their Own Personal Brand
  • Strengthen Problem Solving Skills
  • Develop as a Master Communicator
  • Master Stage Presence and Charisma
  • Experience Workplace Of The Future

Exemplary Leadership
In the climate of the 21st century, leadership has been found to be the most transferable skill in the marketplace. With leadership skills, one has the ability to hone human capital towards unprecedented success. I Am Gifted! Advance condenses the best practices of leadership under one roof by using theKouzes and Posner 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership Mode By using these competencies, we develop leaders and hone their leadership skills to influence, inspire and engage with anyone easily and with confidence.

Career Advantage
The 21st-century workplace is volatile, uncertain, complex and filled with ambiguity. Your child will grow up to take on jobs that are not even invented yet. The true currency in this workplace is having the ability to value add to anybody that you work with. A university degree only puts your child amongst thousands of applicants for a job. For your child to clinch the career of their dreams and fast track to success, they need to find their differentiating point and ace the new age interviews. i Am Gifted! Advance will help your child find their voice by crafting and refining their personal brand so that employers wills be the ones knocking on their doors!

Personal Branding

Many people go through life without knowing what they are good at or who they are. This does not mean they forget their names, but simply that they do not know what makes them unique and therefore valuable to any organisations. The I Am Gifted! Advance programme helps them identify their X-factor, and use it to market themselves, both in school and in any workplace or interviews. This will start with instilling the mindset that each of us is good at a special thing, and the programme helps youth find it.

Today’s socio-economic climate is much different from before. Traditional businesses are facing challenges from new technologies and concepts that did not even exist 5 years ago. The government is giving more support to SMEs that utilises technological innovation; and at the same time encouraging start-ups. Entrepreneurship has also inspired a new concept – Intrapreneurship. Even if your child is not going to start a business, intrapreneurship, which is the corporate management style that integrates risk-taking and innovation approaches more associated with entrepreneurship, will be a skill that will set your child apart from the rest in consideration for a fast-track career progression.


I Am Gifted! Advance

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