One of the questions the trainers of the I Am Gifted! Programme love asking the kids and parents is –

How many of you think you have good memory?

More often than not, what follows is a split second of awkward silence. But when we ask about having lousy memory, the whole room would almost come to a synchronized nod.

Truth is, we all have the potential to gain an amazing memory. There are various techniques and strategies one can learn and use to train your memory. The basic principle of such memory techniques and strategies often revolve around using images instead of words and creating strong links between images to remember them better. If you find yourself having difficulties remembering, it is because the links you have created did not have sufficient movement, absurdity, humor or sense of impressions.

Here are 2 memory hacks to help boost your memory:

1. Using Similar Sounds

This is exceptionally useful when remembering names, long words with 3 syllables or more and abstract words – words that do not sound the way it is spelt, like ‘facade’. The trick is in breaking down the words into syllables and identifying substitute words that sound alike and are easy to visualise to assist with your memory.

Example 1: Phosphorus

Step 1: Break down the word into syllables.

Phosphorus so it will be ‘phos’, ‘pho’ and ‘’rus’.

Step 2: Substitute with similar sounds

It could sound like ‘Frost Forest’, so you can visualise a forest covered with frost.

Here’s another example with names.

Example 2: Kenneth

Step 1: Break down the word into syllables.

So ‘ken’ and ‘neth’.

Step 2: Substitute with similar sounds

It could sound like ‘Cannon’, so you can visualise a cannon ball flying towards you whenever we meet.

My friends would always tell me this is an extremely powerful and humorous way to remember me. I am almost 100% certain my size helps too.

2. Using Triggers

This technique can be used whenever you are having difficulties finding a substitute rhyming word with similar sounds. It involves arriving at an image that leaps into your mind when you think of a word. This is highly subjective and different people will see different things, and it does not matter.

Example: Iron

Whenever the word ‘iron’ comes into my mind, the first image that leaps out to me is Iron Man from the Marvel Universe.

Again, use whatever image that first comes to mind. What matters is you have to be consistent. Once you have chosen an image to represent the word, stick to it.

Now, there is no reason to believe that your memory is holding you back any more. Go test out these amazing memory hacks and start training your memory today!