1. Programme Details & Packages

Life Transforming Programme includes 1 day Mega Parenting Event

 DETAILS  9 – 19 Years Old
   Duration  8 July – 12 July 2019
   Time Period  8AM – 9PM
   Learning Profile Session  Yes


Frequently Asked Questions


1.What will my child learn?

Your child will learn the 3 key masteries: Academic Mastery, Communication Mastery and Relationship Mastery.

  • The 10-Step Study Formula for ‘A’ Students
  • The Ultimate Success Formula
  • The difference between a winner and loser mindset and other valuable life principles
  • How to read passages faster and pick out essential keywords from the information
  • How to utilize various memory techniques for memorizing lists, vocabulary, and formulas
  • To work well with others and build a team spirit
  • What it takes to be a leader, and to take charge his own life
  • How to express their ideas and speak confidently during interviews and presentations
  • The essential elements of a writing a life plan


2. Is there any accommodation provided? 

As it is not a stay-in camp programme, we do not provide any accommodation. We recommend Aqueen Hotel Paya Lebar as it is one of the nearest and better accommodations nearby. There are also many budget-friendly hostels nearby!


3. Are there meals provided? 

Yes, lunch and dinner will be provided every day. There will also be snack breaks in between activities.


4. How many students will there be in a group? Will they be mixing with students of different ages?

The coach to student ratio is 1:7. The students will be grouped according to age to promote age-appropriate activities.


5. What if my child falls sick during the programme?

Should your child develop a fever, we will isolate your child and provide medical attention. Parents/guardian of the child will be notified and child should be brought home or see a doctor if necessary.


Programme Fees

5 Days Life-Transforming Immersion Programme & Mega Parenting Event Retail Price $2688
Promotion $2488


Got a question? Speak to us at 6841 4733. 

2. How to Complete the Enrolment Process

Download the Registration Form and the Letter of Authorization below.

Kindly fill in and send a copy to iamgifted@akltg.com

3. Payment Methods

Full Payment

      Email or Fax your Letter of Authorization to:

Bank Transfer 

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0% Interest Instalment Plan (Local Cards Only)

  • Instalment plan payments must be done at our Main Headquarters. Kindly call us to make arrangements.
  • OCBC, UOB, DBS, Citibank credit card accepted

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